Sizing Guide

How do I determine what width strap I need?

Strap width is determined by your watch's lug width size.

To calculate your watch's lug width, take a ruler or caliper and measure the distance in millimetres between the lugs of your watch (this is the point where the strap attaches to the watch).

For popular watch models, the lug width size can also be found by doing a quick Google search for your specific watch model.

If you have any questions about your watch's lug width size, please contact me here for help.

How do I determine what length strap I need?

Strap length is determined by your wrist size.

To calculate your wrist size, take a tape measure or piece of thread, and simply measure your wrist at the point where you would normally wear your watch. If using thread, lay it out flat and measure the distance from the end to the mark or point you made on the thread.

Next, refer to the Recommended Strap Length chart below and select the size that corresponds with your wrist measurement:

Strap Sizing Guide

* Suggested lengths (‘tail’ length is a personal preference)

If you have any doubt about which length is right for you, please contact me here for help.